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  1. Not A Slave To Fashion

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    Jan 2003
    West By GOD!


    A La Moment . . .

    14" Zildjian New Beat Hats
    16" A Custom Crash
    18" Medium Thin Crash
    18" Zildjian AMIR
    12" Wuhan Splash (everyone needs one of these in thier life)
    9" Splash (nameless, brandless, tasteless)
    22" K Ride

    In the Future
    14" Paper thin crash
    18" China
    Crotales (just to have them)
    "I drank what?" -Socrates

  2. a.k.a. Hoj

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    Jan 2003


    Originally posted by revolution9
    14" b8 hats (soon to be aax stage hats)
    15"aax dark crash
    12" aax splash
    16"aa rock crash
    20" pro studio ride ( soon to be hh rock ride)
    17" aaxtreme china
    how do u like your 15" dark crash??? how does it sound compared to your 16" just askin cuz im thinkin of gettin one.

  3. Registered User

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    Oct 2002
    Regina Saskatchewan Canada



    14 AA Quik beat hats
    22 AA ping ride
    16 A custom crash
    17 A custom crash
    18 oriental china trash
    7 max splash
    9 max splash
    7 radia cup chime
    6 AA splash
    10 AA splash
    My favorite Bands

    Dream Theater
    Iron Maiden
    Planet X
    Dave Matthews

  4. Marxist

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    Jul 2002
    Baltimore, MD


    Currently, from left to right:

    Sabian 13" Pro Fusion hats
    Sabian 10" Pro splash
    Sabian 8" AA splash
    Sabian 17" Pro Stage crash
    Sabian 20" Pro Sonix ride
    Sabian 18" Pro stage crash
    "We're all given a ticket to the American freak show the day we're born and some people, they put their ticket away. Me, I watch the show."-- George Carlin

  5. Moderator

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    Nov 2002
    Where i lay my head is home


    Zildjian 10" A Custom Splash
    Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash
    Zildjian 17" A Custom Crash
    Zildjian 14" A Custom Projection Hats (On remote DW)
    Zildjian 20" Avedis A Ping Ride
    Zildjian 12" Z Custom Splash
    Zildjian 19" Z Custom Medium Crash
    Zildjian 19" Z Custom Rock Crash
    Zildjian 14" Z Custom Hats
    Zildjian 11" Oriental "Trash" Splash
    Zildjian 18" China "Trash"
    Zildjian 20" China " Trash"
    Zildjian 6" ZIL-BEL

    I have rearranged this setup a few times.

  6. Beats Member

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    Jul 2002


    Yah i'm another Zildjian guy, and a cymbal slut.

    13" K Custom Dark Hats
    13" A Mastersound Hats(on remote typically, great chick)
    8", 10", 12" K Splashes (8 piggybacked on 12)
    10" K Custom Splash (my favorite splash, now i need the other 2)
    14" K Mini China (stacked upon 18" K Dark Thin Crash)
    18" K Dark Thin Crash
    18" A Custom Crash
    18" K Custom Crash
    15" K Custom Crash
    20" K Custom Medium Ride
    20" K Custom Dark Ride
    20" K Custom Dry Light Ride

    On the list...
    18" and 20" HHX Chinas
    20" HHXtreme Crash or 20" Crash of Doom (need to order the HHX to compare)
    21" K Heavy Ride
    17", 19" K Dark Medium-thin crashes
    15" K Custom Fast Crash(to replace the 15 K Custom Crash actually)
    8", 12" K Custom Splashes (getting rid of the K splashes)
    Thinking of some Evolution Splashes vs A Custom splashes for louder playing.
    Debating whether or not to replace the A Custom Crash with an Evolution Crash
    15" A Sweet Hats or AAX Studio Hats (debating still i want to put rivets in them)
    14" K Mastersound Hi-hats(best jazz/funk hats out there)
    14" K Custom Special Dry Hats (these are sick hats, but i really would prefer a 13" version, Zildjian are you listening? lol)
    12" Special Recording Hats or HH Mini-Hats
    21" K Custom Special Dry Light Ride
    20" A Zildjian and Cie Vintage Ride
    14" A Zildjian and Cie Crash (paper thin)
    Perhaps 18" and 20" Oriental Trash Chinas(debating these still, very loud!)
    I kind of miss my Constantinople Ride too, but at the same time its not a priority, just one of those cymbals i'd like to be able to pull out if i needed it, which turned out not to be that often.
    I want to check out the new K Custom Rides (left side ride and high definition ride)
    I wouldn't mind a K Pre-aged ride either. There are a lot of cymbals i would like to own!

  7. Children eat free

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    Dec 2002
    Brush your teeth with Ambipaiste™

    Default Re: at the moment.....

    Originally posted by mittad
    all Paiste Signature series.........

    14" Dark Crisp Hi Hats
    21" Dry Heavy Ride
    18" Full Crash
    17" Full Crash
    16" Fast Crash
    15" Fast Crash
    14" Fast Crash
    14" Crystal Crash
    8" Splash
    10'' Splash
    12" Splash
    18" Heavy China
    holy crap dude, i'm drooling on myself.

  8. Registered User

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    Jan 2003


    left to right:
    Sabian 15" AAXtreme China
    Pearl 14" hats (hopefully soon to be AAX 13" Fusion Hats need $ though)
    Zildjian 12" A Custom Splash
    Sabian 16" AAX Bright Crash
    Sabian 20" HHX Manhattan Ride
    Pearl 18" Crash/Ride (hopefully soon to be Sabian 20" Hand Hammered Raw Bell Dry Ride need $ though)

  9. Gaming musician

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    Oct 2002


    All SABIAN for me.

    13" AAX Stage Hats
    16" B8 Thin Crash
    10" AAX Splash
    18" AAX Dark Crash
    Phil's Choice 21" HH Raw-Bell Dry Ride
    20" AA Medium Ride
    20" AAX Chinese
    PSN and Steam ID's: Vivi22

  10. back from the dead

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    Jul 2002
    Los Angeles, CA

    Default re:holy crap dude, i'm drooling on myself.

    and I am looking to add a 12 or 14" thin China, a 6" Splash and a set of 10 or 12" micro hats. Looking to get some feedback on the micro hats if anyone has them.
    Paiste Signature
    • 21" Dry Heavy Ride
    • 14" Dark Crisp Hi Hats
    • 18" Full Crash
    • 17" Full Crash
    • 16" Fast Crash
    • 15" Fast Crash
    • 14" Fast Crash
    • 12" Splash
    • 10" Splash
    • 8" Splash
    • 14" Crystal Crash
    • 18" Heavy China
    • 14" Thin China
    • 16" Wuhan China

    expand your knowledge here

  11. im a big boy now

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    Jan 2003
    Adelaide, Australia


    i have

    14 paiste 402 hats
    16 paiste 302 crash
    16 paiste 502 china
    20 paiste 400 ride

    im planning on getting a 2nd hand crash prob 14 or 18 or even 20 if any to see some of my set ups
    my bands site

  12. Music=Life

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    Aug 2002
    Brooklyn, NY

    Default Not much but it works for me

    This is my cymbal setup:

    1. 14" Avanti Hi-Hats
    2. 10" ZBT Splash (Zildjian)
    3. 18" A Crash (Zildjian)
    4. 13" No Name Crappy Hi Hats (one is inverted on the other for a cool trashy effect)

    And Tomorrow I'm ordering a 17" Zildjian A Custom Crash.

    Not much but it works for me.


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