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    Default MimicPro Suggestion for upcoming Update

    Hi to all Mimicans and to the developers of this wonderful module!!
    I would like to start a wishlist-feedback-thread (if not already existing), just to inspire the developers and let them know what we would like to have in the next update, whenever this will be ;-)
    If there is a thread in this forum already, please let me know!!!

    Here are some things I miss and would like to have . . . . .

    1. I would apreciate that there would be more Controlfunctions on the MIDI side of the module.
    Even cheaper modules are able to send MIDI Messages to other gear. I would like to be able to control/call up scenes of my Digital-Mixer for example, or when connected to gig performer.

    2. A wider Range of samples for the Hi-Hat from closed to open.

    3. The possibility to get 3-Zone cymbals work as a full hihat with 3-Zones from edge to bell. (one of the AUX colud be used in combination with HH-Input.

    4. An internal Player that plays back your actual setup while adjusting your sounds. This would quicken up programming a lot!!!

    Cheers from Germany!!!

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    There is a group on the V Drum forum that is called "Mimic Pro Wish list"

    You can put your requests on the list and you can see what other users are suggesting.

    The developer is always reviewing the user comments.
    Bob Sabellico - Product Manager - Pearl Electronic Percussion Division


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