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I love these kinds of gigs. They used to terrify me, but now they are super enjoyable. The first gig I did like this, I asked the bandleader for a setlist so I could try to listen to some of the songs on the way and he said "don't bother" ha ha.

I'm just honest with people; "I don't know these songs well\at all, but I'll have big ears, and will be watching you for cues." If the bandleader is comfy with that, than so am I. If the band is confident, and you pay attention, they'll help. I also feel like I play a little better when it's do-or-die; I think the lack of familiarity in these situations forces your brain to overclock, and your neurons to fly extra fast.

Glad to hear you had fun! You mentioned the key ingredients to a successful last-minute pinch hit; listen hard and keep it simple.

This clip applies ha ha (salty language FYI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceEJGThpllk
I'm the same way. I love the challenge. If I look stupid on stage, so be it.

The next time I get called to this gig, all I'm bringing is a snare, 20" bass drum, hats and one ride cymbal. That's it. Toms and extra crashes were not needed. It was all about keeping time.