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Thread: New addition :)

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    Default New addition :)

    So my wife takes me to see the new Halloween movie, then we come home and I see a carboard box (she new I hated my export snare) "open it" so I did, and how cool? My Crystal Beat Free floater snare. Best Birthday gift a guy could ask for. Why am I sharing? Why not! Name:  245628502_10227438575571049_184282578928904887_n.jpg
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    Casey W.
    Pearl Crystal Beat Clear (2) Bass 22x16. Racks 12x8, 13x9. Floors 14x13, 16x15, 18x16. Pearl Export snare 14x7. Pearl Demonator Double pedal. Zildjian A cymbals, Gibraltar Rack, Evans EC2s Clear Heads, EMAD2 Bass Heads.

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    Sweet drum. Sweet Lady. Congratulations.
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Masters MCX Chestnut fade.
    22"x18",10"x8",12"x9",16"x16". Ian Paice Snare. Why not ...

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    Nice! Got yourself a good one, wife and snare.
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