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    Default Istanbul cymbal question

    Hey all, looking for some cymbal insight. I recently got back into drumming after number of years and began building my dream kit. I currently have 14" Alchemy hats, 20" alchemy ride, 18" alchemy china, and a 10" and 12" alchemy splash. That said, I'm having a ton of difficulty coming across Alchemy crash cymbals. If I were to go with Xist crashes would the mix well with the Alchemys, or should I keep searching?
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    Do what your ears tell you. My set up is basically Sabian but I sometimes use a 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Ride. I nearly bought an 18" Byzance crash today, still might go back for it. It's good to mix and match.
    I was in Fork's and Sam Ash today and GC in the last week. They're all down on their cymbal inventories. SA & GC were low on everything. I guess a lot of people are still home and you've got to do something.


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