So, I've just bought a Tune-Bot Studio, and I'm very excited about it.

I decided to go for it for several reasons. Amongst these are helping me keep consistent tunings, experiment with suggested tunings but, most importantly, to help me improve my tuning skills by training my ears. Particularly when it comes to snare tunings... Do you suffer from snare envy sometimes?! I'm guessing we all do, and whilst I get cool tones out of my snares, I listen to other people's recordings and think "damn, how did they get it sounding like that?!"

Generally-speaking I tend to play it safe when doing recording sessions. Now, obviously it all depends on the session for which I'll tune accordingly! But for the most part I got the different kits tuned for the kind of stuff I get asked to do, or for my own stuff, like the tune below.

Anyhow, just thought I'd ask y'all if you have any tips, or how do y'all use it, and what's your experience with it is!

Thanks for sharing, and happy new year to ya!