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    Quote Originally Posted by MW_Runpali View Post
    $420?! That’s a steal! Wish I could get something for that cheap here. The prices in Europe have gone absolutely mental lately. Even for used stuff.

    Be careful when you get the 18”. That rumble is like a drug, soon you’ll want more. That’s why I’ve now got the gong!

    Yes! Black and gold, a classic combo. I almost opted for #124 Matte Black Mist with gold when ordering the MRV kit.

    Man, don’t talk to me about the Reference brass! I bought a 14”x6,5” from a friend years ago for a very good price, something like €400, but for some unexplainable reason I decided to sell it. The biggest regret of my life! I thought of getting a new one a while back, but the RRP has gone up significantly, €1200! No way I’m paying that much. Luckily I got a good deal on a Canopus 14”x5” solid brass on my trip to Japan.

    I don’t know if you got it there in the US, but here in Europe (and in Japan I think…) we had a Limited Edition Universal Brass 14”x5,5” which reminded me a lot of the DeGrasso signature. The price wasn’t bad either. I tried to get one but they were already sold out.

    My next snare purchase will definitely be the Hybrid Exotic cast aluminum 14”x6,5”. Should go nicely with the MRV kit I’ve got coming.
    Hahaha, yes! I honestly was VERY skeptical that it was a scam until it showed up. I was slightly off on the total but still a great deal! Just looked and it was $432.60 ($352.60 winning bid + $80 shipping). I'll take that over paying $1,500-1,700 or whatever they're going for now and it came with an Ahead case too! LOL.

    And LMAO, duly noted! I've never had any interest in getting a gong drum but in that 18x16 is as potent as you're saying, I might have to close my credit card.

    But YES! I love me some black and gold. I likely wouldn't do gold hardware on a whole kit (due to me wanting to then match all my hardware), but a snare with gold hardware would suffice!

    The price on the Reference Brass 14x6.5's need to stop going up though, just saw they went up another $100 to $1,400 USD. Ridiculous. But very nice! I'll definitely have to check out that out and keep my eyes peeled for one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maark View Post
    What happens when the Unstoppable Banhammer meets the Immovable Alan12? I think the universe would implode.
    Quote Originally Posted by space jeff View Post
    yeah, but I'm the Jeff that Jeff talks about when he talks about "the Jeff" to other Jeffs.

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    Your kits and setups are always great!!


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