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    Default Getting a Mimic to work in Logic..

    I know I have to be missing something simple but I'm having the following issue that I'm hoping to get some help with.

    I want to record the Mimic's main analog L/R into logic.
    I also want to record the midi information at the same time in logic on a different track.
    On playback I want to midi information to play back through the mimic module (and back out the analog L/R).

    Recording the analog L/R is perfectly fine. The problem comes when I record enable the midi track. While it does record the notes
    it is also sending those midi notes back out while I'm playing creating a flam/slap back doubling problem. Also the hi hat controller
    works perfect if I'm just recording analog but once again the moment I record enable the midi track the hi hat controller goes nuts on a regular basis (I assume because the HH control is getting back fed into the mimic).

    Not sure if I should be using a "software instrument track" or an "external midi track" or even the "drummer" track.
    I'm aware of the midi channel quirk on the mimic not having everything on Ch10 but I have my midi interface on "all".

    I'm also trying to get this working in UAD's LUNA DAW but in the LUNA manual it's saying to disable "midi local control" on the external hardware instrument to prevent double notes but I see nothing inside the mimic like that.

    Once again I gotta be missing something obvious. I basically want Logic/Luna to only send midi notes out of the DAW when they are on the screen on playback.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Is there an option in the External MIDI track to disable the MIDI Destination? Take a look at Step 1 here. You might just need to disable your Mimic as the MIDI Destination, and then re-enable it for MIDI playback. Hopefully you can still record MIDI to that track with the destination disabled.

    If not, try recording to a Software Instrument track, with no software instrument assigned (or it's volume all the way down so you. don't hear it). After recording, you should be able to replace the software instrument with the external instrument plug-in.

    This is, to be honest, one of my biggest gripes I use with Logic. In Ableton, for example, you just create a MIDI track. I can record MIDI to it without assigning a software instrument, drum VST or hardware output. I can just record raw MIDI data, and then put a plug-in after the fact to send back to my module (or just deactivate the plug-in while recording). Most DAWs do this. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to just create a "raw" MIDI track in Logic.
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