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Phenolic shells were also used in the old Pearl Vari-Pitch drums (with the RotoToms on top). Similar to fiberglass kinda, but plastic resin. Like Remo's Acousticon shells -- kraft paper, soaked in plastic resin, and laid up in "plys"
My first kit was a '68 Pearl Super Deluxe. We didn't know ( or care) what kind of wood it was made of we just knew that it sounded great. I've seen and played a lot of the old Pearl vintage kits over the years and the quality of the luan and the quality of the workmanship varied greatly. Ludwig and Gretsch drums from that era had the same issues. Right now my main kit is a refurbished '68 Super Deluxe in red sparkle. I had two of the bearing edges recut and put S hoops on them. You can't get a better vintage sound than these drums. The aged luan produces a deep, fat juicy sound that is very pleasing on both sides of the kit. Today, Pearl drums are state of the art. You can't buy a bad Pearl drum and the lowest of the low end products are still amazingly consistent. Right now I'm working on an old Tiger Eye Pearl kit that is in great shape. The 16" floor tom is one of the best I've ever heard. Can't wait to finish it. Congratulations to Pearl for 75 years of making amazing products that we all can enjoy!