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    Default Looking for 8" tom tom.


    Yesterday I bought Pearl Vision VML with Volcano Burst.
    I have 10", 12", 14" and 16" toms with it and now I'm looking for the 8" tom.
    Do you have idea where can I get one? I've tried to search from google, but can't find any with the same color as I have. Photo attached.

    Thank you for any ideas.
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    Very nice looking set! This finish was not available in the US, so I haven't seen much of it. Probably hasn't been made for 7+ years so component drums are going to be hard to come by. eBay is probably your best bet, but still unlikely. You could try checking with your local Pearl dealer to see if you can special order one. Pearl is pretty good about doing special orders for as long as the have the stuff to build the drum. The dealer can check with a Pearl rep and the Pearl rep can check with the factory. The part number that you are looking for it VML0807T/C803 (VML=Series, 0807=size, T=tom, /C=chrome hardware, 803=color for Volcano Burst.)

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    you're best luck is ebay and other used sites and hoping someone at one point sells an 8" tom in your finish.

    i searched for about 10 years for 18" floor tom for my vision vsx kit.

    until today still not found one .....
    10 pc Pearl Vision VSX #436 Strata Red w/Black HW pics page 86 !

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    Hello, If you can find an 8" VML tom in any color you could use this if you dont mind a wrap. The size is 30x8.

    I saw a Session on ebay that would be close.

    Anyone that does car wrapping can print the vinyl.

    On an 8" drum I don't think it would be to noticeable.
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