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    Quote Originally Posted by keaton_86 View Post
    I've been using response 2 clears and love them, and had response 2 black coated on my old saturns and they sounded awesome too. I love that you changed for aesthetic reasons too haha, that's some that I'd do too. I'm very particular about how my drums look.
    I like seeing the insides of my drum shells; they are as beautiful as the outsides of the shells.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    I had been using Response II's over Clasic Clears. My initial reaction to G2s over G1s is not impressed. Granted I may just be used to Aquarian and haven't found the sweet spot yet with these Evans.

    I bought a UV1 for my snare to try also in place of my normal Texture Coated, but my snare sounds too good right now so I'm not messing with it.

    Edit: I'd like to try Aquarian's Super 2 heads next I think, see how they compare to Response II's.

    Added in aux hats:
    Super 2s are brighter sounding than Response 2s. Before my Masterworks I had a Reference kit. One time I bought some Super 2s for the toms since I'd never tried them & I hated them on those drums. So, I took them off & put them back in their boxes (since they were still practically brand new) and pretty much forgot about them for a few years. Finally, I bought some Crystal Beats for gigging, needed new heads for them, remembered the Super 2s, and tried them. Those heads, which sounded just wrong to me on the References, sounded amazing on the Crystal Beats. So the point is YMMV when it comes to trying drum heads on different drums. But that said, it is 100% accurate to say that Super 2s are brighter in tone than Response 2s.

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    This is such a great kit and setup!!
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