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    Default 7x8 Masters studio prob.

    This 7x8 tom used to sing. Playing outside of a silver dollar sized strike zone produces a strange harmonic I can only liken to a steel drum you would hear in the Caribbean. This was never an issue. I could use different heads,different tension and it would always speak well. Had the edges done by Precision drum co., who have done excellent work for me before,with not much improvement. Switched rims with known good rims,heads,checked for square. It's like it happened over night. It's not a gigging kit so it's confined to it's recording space in a controlled environment. No obvious flaws in the shell just seems as though it's possessed. All other toms,10,12,14,16,have always been played wide open with clear or coated ambassadors or emperors,as is the 8". I like the harmonics produced with wide open heads and have never had a problem but this is not desirable. If anyone has experienced this please let me know. Thank you. Incidentally,I've been playing almost 50 yrs. and have always been good at troubleshooting these types of things but there has to be something I'm missing.

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    It sounds like you've meticulously gone through all the possible x factors with the drum - maybe it's your hearing?
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    perhaps the edges are fine , perhaps the shell is cracked, or out of round .. also, as much as i hate to take dump om remo, i HAVE been hearing very bad things about these latest batches of heads , everything from, they don't fit right , down to they just sound [email protected]@@ty .
    maybe as a last go, check out a set of comparable evens heads ,( i'd recommend others , but im not a fan of the rest lol). and see if this helps . many a long time fan of remos have swapped out to remo lately , to my utter dismay . i really would be beside myself if i had to dump a favorite company ive used all my life, because crappy q.c. standards


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