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    Lightbulb Snare Wire Comparison

    Just for fun I tested out 5 different snare wires on one of my snare drums today and recorded it all. I played each one with the snares loose and medium tight. It's pretty neat, you can definitely hear the difference between the different wires!

    The audio isn't great because it's just a GoPro mic, but you can make out the different snare sounds.

    1. DW True Tone - Steel - 20 Strand
    2. Puresound Blasters - Steel - 20 Strand
    3. Puresound Custom Pro - Steel - 24 Strand
    4. Puresound Custom Pro - Brass - 24 Strand
    5. Puresound Super 30 - Steel - 30 Strand

    I used my DW Collector's 6.5"x14" Maple VLT snare with Evan's 500 Snare Side and Evan's Genera HD Dry Batter.
    DW-Paiste-Evans-Vic Firth

    WTB: DW Romanian River Oak or DW R40 Oak Snare... PM me

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    This is great, really interesting!
    HHX hats, K crashes, Bosphorus traditional & Paiste sound creation dark rides
    Snares: Yamaha Bamboo Custom 5.5x14 / Ludwig Black Beauty 5x14, COB Supraphonic 6.5x14 / Pearl Mahogany Classic Limited Edition / Sonor D505
    Pearl Reference Pure (matte walnut) / SonorLite (Scandinavian birch)


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