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    Default Bass Drum Pedal Upgrade

    Been looking into a pedal changes for my Pearl Decade Maples and going to a double pedal set. But don't want to break the bank either. Having hard time deciding between a good used set or a new set. Seems like there are a lot of choices, both new and used. Anyone know how old the P-122TW double pedals are? Or have they been discontinued? DW seems to have a lot of the 5000 and 7000 ones out there also. Alos have looked at the Pearl Red Line and Eliminator setups. any ideas or suggestions form you guys that have been using double pedals for a while?

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    My best advice for you is to figure out what you're comfortable paying and then try as many different pedals as you can that meet that price point.

    There are so many variables in pedals (direct, single chain, dual chain or strap; cam shape; footboard length; beater style; in the case of double pedal: the linkage; etc) that you can't tell what FEELS best to you without playing them.

    I personally like a mid-tier model from Tama (IC-600) better than a lot of other, more expensive double pedals. It does what I need a pedal to do and just FEELS right under my feet.

    So no easy answers. Every one you've listed is a quality pedal; but play them and find the one that works for you.

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    Mapex has a great pedal, the falcon drive - I've been playing a beginner level gibraltar for years and I need to throw some cash into better pedals.
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