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    Default The "Other" Ludwig kit...

    In putting together my main kit in the other thread, I ended up with some extra pieces here & there so figured I'd put together a "small" kit to be the total opposite of the other and challenge my playing. The first config was an Orbinated set up with no toms up top. Was very interesting playing this set up and made left hand leads very important. Thought about adding a small tom and lucked out and found a Ludwig Rocker 10" x 9" at a great price. Since the drum wasn't a matching color and had an old Ludwig Modular mount, some work was needed, so I removed the old mount, plugged and filled the holes and was going to re-wrap the drum to match the existing kit. Then I got to thinking, I've been playing a black kit since I bought this set in '89, so now was a good a time as any to change it up, so I rewrapped the entire kit in a blue maple fade. (And did a natural maple on the inside of the bass drum hoop) Turned out pretty sharp and I love playing this kit! The 3" step between sizes is nice, the tone is really clean and punchy. With minimal stands and a bunch of multi clamps, it also a very efficient set up.

    24x16 bass - 1989 Ludwig Rocker
    10x9 tom - 1989 Ludwig Rocker
    13x12 tom - 1989 Ludwig Rocker
    16x16 floor - Tama Rockstar
    14x5 1/2 Snare - Pearl Sensitone Brass

    Cymbals (left to right)
    12 Meinl Classic Custom Trash Splash
    17 Meinl CC Extreme Metal Crash
    15 Hi-Hats - Zildjian S thin crash top /Zildjian Z 18" power crash (cut down to 15") bottom
    10 Paiste Alpha Metal Splash
    18 Meinl Classic Custom Trash Trash China (bottom)/12" Sound Caster Piccolo Trash China (top)
    22 Paiste Dry Dark Ride
    18 Meinl Sound Caster Fusion Medium Crash
    14 Meinl Classic Custom Dark Hi-Hats
    18 Wuhan China

    Evans heads
    Toms - EC2 batter/Glass Hydraulics reso
    Bass - EMAD 2 (with ring removed)/Ludwig Reso
    Snare - ST Dry batter/glass 300 reso

    Pearl Powershifter Eliminator double pedal (modified to direct drive w/ independent footboard/beater angle adjustments)
    An assortment of Tama, DW & PDP stands w/ Gibraltar multiclamps & holders, Meinl X-hat
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    A couple more shots...
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