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    Default Did switching to shorter the tension rods change my snare sound?

    Hi all,

    Some years ago, I put together a snare with a Trick brushed Titanium shell:

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    Never got it to sound all that great - sort of "boxy" and not very resonant. With a bunch of moves and extra busy work, I never got back to it until recently. While tuning heads, I noticed I had used quite long tension rods - to the point there's hardly any space to insert them further into the tube lugs. So, luckily I had enough short rods to change the rods for the top head, tried it, and boom! Beautifully resonant shell.

    Here I just made a vid of it, compared vs my Canopus Zelkova. I tuned them both the same by Tunebot (and ear, lol)

    Ever had this experience? It sort of makes sense that the added rigidity inside the tube lugs with the long tension rods could be compromising the ringing.

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    My guess is no. In your video, both drums have overtones that I would eliminate with a different batter head or a DrumDot (like Moongel). The snare wires seem too loose on both drums as well.
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    I like the overtones as they are right now. I find the sounds consonant (and similar on both drums which kinda amazed me being such different materials). I've gotten away from the dryer sound lately. The snares are loose, yes, but an effect in particular for the Titanium is that I'm using 30-strand wires (until the 24 show up in the mail) which I think are too wide for its snare bed.


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