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    Post Pearl T930 and T1030 tom stand differences

    Does anyone know the difference between the T930 and T1030 tom stand? I'm planning on getting a tom stand for my Vision kit and was wondering if anyone know the difference between these stands. I also want to get your opinions on them too.

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    The picture they used for the T1030 on the hardware page is incorrect. It has the infinitely adjustable tom mounts like the 1030 cymbal stands. The T930 stand has the mounts that only adjust up or down.
    The T930 is plenty sturdy (my cymbal stands with the equivalent tilters are close to ten years old and still perfect) and will be at least $50 less than the T1030, if not more. The stand itself is exactly the same on both models unless I'm mistaken, so you'd be paying extra money for nothing more than the arms themselves.

    Here's links for both of them on the Guitar Center site so you can take a closer look, but in your position I'd be perfectly happy with the 930.
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