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    Default Two sets in one day for $80.00, and they're not junk! Export question.

    After searching for 6+ months on Craigslist I hit the drum lottery all in one day a few days ago. I scored a 5 piece set of mid 80's Pearl Professional DX, monster kit with 24" bass and 18" FT for $30.00 that are in better than decent shape. The second set is an Export 4 piece in excellent condition that included some good hardware.
    Trying to identify the production date/wood for the Exports. I've done some research, and unless I'm mistaken, the I.S.S. mounts were introduced in 2000.
    Here are the details for the Export kit:
    ISS tom mounts. (introduced in 2000?)
    Charcoal Metallic wrap. (Charcoal in daylight, green cast when in warmer light.)
    Square badge, black with silver lettering, the font is ragged and Pearl has a silver oval around it.
    Looking at the bearing edges, looks like mahogany in the center with outer layers of a lighter wood, poplar(?).
    Someone tell me it's birch outer plys to add to the feeling of committing larceny.

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    Amazing score!

    Pics are mandatory here on the Pearl Drummers Forum.
    You've got a great crew here that know a ton about drums and especially Pearl drums in particular.


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