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    Default Decade Maple Tom Head Upgrade

    Just bought a Decade Maple 7 piece set. From everything I've read the stock heads aren't the best, so I want to upgrade. My old Pearl Export Select I used Evans G2 coated heads. Was wondering what type of head you would recommend? I'm kind of leaning towards clear heads this time. Or stick with coated heads. And have had good luck with the Evans G2's. See they also now have EC2 heads. Also heard good about Remo pinstripe heads. Any thoughts?

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    My friend, it's all personal preference. What I find warm and focused, you might find bright and crisp.
    However, if I were in your shoes, I would use a 2 ply head. The G2's or the Pinstripes. Get that warm maple shell sound !
    Best of luck, welcome to the forum, and congrats on your purchase.
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    Evans Onyx heads are a slightly thicker two ply than the G2. I find they really bring out some low end.

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    It is defiantly personal opinion mixed with trial and error. Most manufacturers out there i.e. Remo, Evans, Aquarian have sound examples and a detailed description of what their products do to the sound. A good place to start might be a 2 ply Batter and a 1 ply resonant *the stock heads work fine for resonants*. There is some conventional wisdom in Emperors over Ambassadors or their brand equivalents, this is a real if it aint broke don't fix it kind of thing. For me I prefer coated emps over clear ambs, this is my go to starting place from there I can begin trying different heads for different sounds *preferably the cheapest one to buy heads for*. Also a Remo Powerstroke P3/ evans emad/ aquarian super kick , coated or clear for the kick are all great options. Don't just take my word for it. Read the websites and watch some videos to get a feel what each head does to the sound but, also keep an eye out for head package deals cost may not be an issue but it can be a real factor! I didn't mention snare heads since quite frankly I haven't figured that one out myself. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck, I hope you find something that suits your tastes!

    Also Nick D'Virgilio has a great video that demonstrates the drums with 2 ply batters you can check it out here
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    I was an Evans man up until I got my Decade kit three years ago. I had always used the G2's, but I decided to try clear Emperors for the Decade, and I must admit that I'm probably going to remain a Remo man from now on. They sound great, and I love the resonance and overtones I get out of them.
    I still have the stock heads on the bottom of the toms, but I definitely want to upgrade those to Diplomats whenever I can afford it.
    As for the kick, I have a Powerstroke P3 on the batter side, and it's quite punchy with a decent low end. I may experiment with a thinner head to try and coax a little more boom out of it eventually, but the P3 hasn't really done me wrong.
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