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    Default Problems wuth my crystal beat right out of the box.

    I recently bought a double bass crystal beat drumset, As soon as I got it I found that the both bass drum hoops on the batter side were broken. As I took the 16" floor tom out of the box I tried to put the legs on and the leg tom bracket broke, at first since I didnīt have my glasses on, I thought the bracket was made out of some sort of polimer because it broke so easily, then I took a good look and while it does seem to be made out aluminum, the material was so thin it wouldnīt have lasted more than a few setups anyway. And then another problem is that the optimount on the 8" tom, because the tom only has four tension rods, they are so far apart that the optimount comes too close to the shell and it actually makes contact and has now scratched the shell and could potencially break it.

    I still need to buy an additional 14" floor tom but I am not confident on the qualiity of the product. I will replace the broken bass drum hoops, probably with hoops made from something other than acrylic. I mounted the 16" floor tom using an optimout, but I still have to do something about the 8" optimount, I am not sure if thereīs some way to slightly bend the optimount , or maybe I should try something else.

    Has anyone else had theses issues with this product?

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    Assuming you bought the drums new from an authorized dealer, I suspect Pearl will replace the damaged parts. They replaced my kick that UPS was kind enough to smash up on the way to my house. In my case, even the shell cracked.

    I have heard similar complaints about the hardware but never had an issue with it actually breaking. The lugs will not come close to holding the tuning rods in place without applying some plumber's tape, however. I sold my kit when I stopped gigging (nowhere to store it) but I did quite a lot of shows & rehearsals with it over about a year & the hardware held up fine. Hopefully yours will as well.

    By the way, if you keep yours, I highly recommend Aquarian Super 2s over Classic Clears for tom heads. That's what I ran on mine & they really sounded awesome. Good luck with whatever direction you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drogas View Post
    I recently bought a double bass crystal beat drumset,
    Has anyone else had theses issues with this product?
    No, but contact Pearl customer service and I'm sure they will help.
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