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    Default Playing electronic drums

    Hello everyone. I bought my Alesis Nitro drum set recently and have a lot of questions so I would appreciate it if someone helped me. The first thing is how hard would it be to go from electronic drums to standard. I bought electronic set for practice because my neighbors would not appreciate that. The second question: Do I need FL studio or some kind of sequencer for recording? And the third question for electronic drums is it possible to use different kits, not only default ones, right? Sorry if I posted this thread to the wrong section.

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    I have both electronic kits and acoustic kits and move fluidly between the two, just takes some getting used to the nuances between the two. Not really a recording expert so can't answer that one - if I am recording off my DTX kit it's stereo into a four channel interface connected to a Mac using Reaper.

    Most modules allow you to build custom kits out of the sounds included w/your module, or to trigger using midi and that's a completely different (long) discussion).

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    All of the above.


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