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Thread: Case sizes

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    Default Case sizes

    Just got my first Ref Pure kit and I'm trying to get everything together and start using it for gigs.
    The lugs seem to stand out just a hair more from the drum than my old Masters drums and I'm wondering if that needs to be taken into
    consideration when buying cases. Should I buy the size case for the drum or have you guys found that going up a size in diameter is necessary? For what it's worth, I think I'm going back to Humes and Berg 'Enduro' cases after getting a bunch of SKB cases last year. Thanks!

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    Full disclosure: I only have one Enduro case and I use it for a snare drum.

    But if the corner where the flat base is can accommodate the optimount; I'd order the case size that matches the drum dimensions.

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    The exact size fits, but can be a bit tight. I use +1 inch soft/padded cases for my toms (Protection Racket)
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