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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchLyons View Post
    Skipped over this post on accident, I completely get where you’re coming from though. I recently picked up a 24” Meinl MB20 Pure Metal Ride (Meinl’s heaviest ride) and I was surprised at how underwhelming it was. I think with such heavy cymbals like that, it takes a very hard hit to get that ride to “activate” but you can’t really do much other than play it with the tip and I think your ride is in the same ballpark as far as design goes. I hope that makes sense. I got the Meinl for $200 and sold it for $350 so I definitely still benefitted in the end!
    It was that way with my Paiste 2002 22” heavy ride. It had a beautiful tone, but since that tip sound is not all I’m going for, it doesn’t have much of a roll for me now.


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    I agree with you (both previous posts). In my case I think it's because it's a B20 alloy cymbal. It's just not as loud as signatures. My heavy bell ride runs circles around this twenty metal ride. And I just played the 22" Sig Dry Heavy from the 1990s and wow... also much more powerful than this metal ride. From all Paiste rides I own, the most beautiful sounding and powerful ones at the same time are:

    1) 22" Sig Heavy Bell Ride Reflector (custom)

    2) 22" Sig Dry Heavy Ride (from the 1990s)

    3) 22" Sig Power Ride Reflector (custom)

    4) 22" 3000 RUDE Power Ride (from the 1980s)
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