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    Default Getting back into the swing of things.

    Back around 1990ish my parents bought me my first drum kit. Was an Export in Ferrari Red with a set of crappy Zildjian Scimitar's Around 2000 I sold them and haven;t played since.

    About 6 months ago I started to dabble in learning to play the bass, which triggered my 7 and 9 year old daughter and son to want to learn as well. The daughter wanted a guitar so she got a short scale Strat for Christmas the son said he wanted to learn piano so I got him a keyboard and stand to start out on.

    Then the almost unthinkable happened... while shopping for stuff for the kids, I started thinking about drums again. Bought some sticks just to work on hand technique. I go back into the shop a few weeks later and found a almost complete 5 piece Pearl Forum kit in smoke chrome. Looked good from what I could see, Price set at about $240 and came with the hardware for the hats and 2 cymbals. It has 3 rack toms and no floor tom unlike the kit I had before.

    I just bought a Gibraltar throne and a drum key and now shopping for cymbals and possibly later a floor tom or two. Eventually better shells maybe but I am not a professional and play to just to relax and the kids to learn if they wish.

    I forgot how much real estate they take up luckily my wife is ok good with me using the space in teh family room for our "band" as the kiddos says

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    Welcome to the Pdf & back to Drums Dave. My first kit was a Export also.
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    Welcome to the Forum. Post some pics please.
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