I have a 5 piece Vision VBL kit in Ruby Fade in standard rock sizes. I bought it as a shell pack For 200 (bargain!) and I'm delighted with it.
I'm gradually working on a few minor upgrades like having swapped out the Chinese Remo-Pearl heads for U.S. made Pinstripes and changing the ISS mounts for Optimounts. So far so good.
However I have one thing bugging me. For reasons unknown the 12" tom is the earlier type model with the old style badge. The toms are otherwise identical (I know the older Vision's had more plies on the the 2 biggest drums, but the rack toms are both 6 ply). Therefore I am trying to locate the later oval black Vision badge and so far I have had no luck at all. I am willing to buy a badge off anyone assuming the price is not unreasonable. Or I can trade badge for badge in the unlikely event someone has the opposite problem. I know it's a small problem in the great scheme of things but every time I see it it's annoying. Thanks.