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  1. Miles Gibbons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan Ray View Post
    Why the REMO snare head? Those Emporer x heads last for 5 minutes.
    How hard do you play? I don't think I could go through one of those heads if I tried!

  2. Drumoholic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan Ray View Post
    For the studio and those hyperdrive toms that really like to sing, Id recommend the Evans EC2 clears. Ive been using these heads for 10 years. I tried them all. These are what I stuck with. Check out some reviews on them.
    Holy cow, it's Stefan Ray!

    Man, I've been gone way too long!

    2-ply (coated or clear, either one) over one-ply is my go-to, regardless of brand. It's predictable, in that I generally know how drums behave tuning-wise with that combo. I'm trying out coated G2's over coated G1's in a couple weeks on my Refs, and I'm hoping they're as warm and bright as I think they'll be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by space jeff View Post
    I've always been a Remo coated Ambassador guy and nothing else seems to sound as good to me. That's probably not that helpful
    hahaha it is actually and i can relate to that lol
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