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    Default For all of you magazine subscribers

    Hey drumming brothers and sisters!!

    As many of you may know, DRUM Magazine went from being a monthly to quarterly(?) publication. I received an email notification yesterday that the last issue sent out, would be their last. They will continue to have an online presence but, no more of a printed product. They made an arrangement with DRUMHEAD magazine(headed by Jonathan Mover(Joe Satriani, GTR, and others), to send customers their remaining DRUM issues in their subscription, to be replaced by DRUMHEAD.
    My thought in making this thread is..what is everyone's opinion of the different drumming publications(MD, Drum, and Drumhead are the only ones that I am personally familiar with)? I've always enjoyed MD, for the most part. When I was younger, it was really hit or miss with me. If they had jazz guys on the cover, or drummers that play a style of music that I didn't care for..I would pass it by. So, if there was a Tony Williams story/cover, I would ignore it, unless there was a feauture on a drummer that I actually knew about and enjoyed their music(say Nicko Mcbrain), for example. These days, I just subscribe and get all of the issues regardless, but some issues are better than others, of course. I specifically enjoy the question and answer format that the magazine uses. Compared to DRUM where, for the most part, it's like one long conversation with the interviewer and the artist. I personally don't care for that format, and much prefer a Q and A format. I will say, however, that DRUM hasn't been as 'traditional' in the drummers they cover, which I do enjoy.
    I stumbled upon DRUMHEAD a couple years ago, and I think it's great. The HEAD TO HEAD feature is great in that it is really in-depth and is a good, long read. Typically they talk about tracks the drummer has played on, over-the-years, and just your normal interview questions. Where with I'll say 'typical' magazines' you get nice little features, The Face to Face is great, if you enjoy that drummer, or just like a little more meat in the interviews that you read. Of course, if you aren't into that drummer, it's a long article but..It's more than just your typical, standard questions. If you've never checked out Drumhead, I highly suggest doing so. I look forward to every issue.
    Again, I know there's more magazines 'out there' but these are the only ones I'm familiar with. I'm curious to know everyone else's thoughts on drumming magazines, and the fact the DRUM will cease to exist in the printed format.
    Thanks for reading!



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    We had a few over here in the UK, Drummer ran for a few years, as did the unfortunately short lived Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds. The main one (and last one left) is Rhythm, which has been going since the 80's, and recently went on hiatus for a few months due to publishing company taking it out of print (They take the one drum mag out of print but keep the 5 guitar magazines that they distribute - go figure that one out!). BUT it's relaunching this month with the same core team as before, but a different parent company, and is set to be back on form, needless to say I can't wait. The only other magazine I sometimes get when available is Modern Drummer, which I like, but lacks a bit on the lesson content that rhythm provides (with a monthly CD/DVD with loads of tracks and lessons) which i've never seen another publication match. So long may it continue.
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    I subscribed to MD for more than 10 years but stopped my subscription somewhere around 2010-2011, because they stopped having a connection to the real world and everything in the magazine was either boring or outdated. Around that time I bought single issues of all other drum mags I could just to see what they are all about - Rhythm had the best graphics/photos/design, but I didn't really like the content and I didn't care for the lessons; Drumhead had the most interesting candid interviews (probably because Mover himself took them and apparently he's friends with everybody) but its design and quality were seriously lacking; and Drum didn't have any lasting impression on me either.

    So no more drum mags for me, the internet is quite enough to keep me informed these days.


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