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    Default Istanbul Agop Xist crashes

    Anyone have any thoughts on them or experience with them? I'm looking for sonic replacements for my Meinl MB20s....bright, but a bit dirty sounding, and the videos I have seen suggest that this is what I will find with the Xist series.

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    The tone is there but you’ll sacrifice on volume. I love them but they just can’t get as loud as the big 3 cymbals, I’d say there like 85% there if that makes sense. Me and my friends got turned onto them over the years because of price but all of us broke them within a year and it’s hard to get their warranty claimed.

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    Agop make great cymbals, personally I'm not that keen on the Xist series, but the quality is there. If it's the kind of sound you're after, then go for it? Of the Turkish manufacturers, I prefer Bosphorus, and with a bit of patience you might pick up something much better from one of the big 3 second hand, but then if it fits the sounds you're looking for, they're a solid option.
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