Does anyone own this or have experience with this pedal? I got a killer deal and I own a DW9000 double bass. But I also had the pearl single direct drive pedal and found the footboard to be long enough for a good heel toe. I was hoping the Pearl pedal is a bit longer. I love the DW but I would like to try other companies. I'm also interested in the cams as I did learn on the P932. I used red cams on mine and the orange cams of course but that is still a great pedal. But theres something about the feel of a double chain. I tried the nylon straps on the DW9000 and wasn't very impressed and I honestly gave it my best. I must of watched 8 videos on swapping the double chain to strap and using the instructions. But after having the straps for over 6 months I swapped back to double chain. Now I've ordered the Eliminateor and it arrives Wednesday. I'm stoked.