This is a custom Pearl "cajon drum kit" I put together over the summer and finally have a chance to use for an "unplugged" church gig next weekend. I set it up in the garage this morning to rehearse with it and took some photos. Here are some notes ...

1. The PBC507 cajon "bass drum" has a built-in Beta 91A kick mic with XLR input accessible from the port hole.

2. The custom "redline" cajon pedal is a hybrid of all the best parts from four other cajon pedals. It is played with the ball of the foot (and not the heel).

3. The "floor snare" is an 8x7 MCT tom made into a 5-lug snare drum with SR018 strainer, custom SH-0805S bottom hoop, and floor tom legs. The 8" snare is also muted internally to reduce the volume. It also sounds excellent with an Evans Sound Off on top of the head.

4. The "floor tom" is a 10x10 MCT tom with floor tom legs. This drum is also muted internally to reduce the volume.

5. All percussion and cymbals are attached to the hi-hat stand.

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