Strange post, I know. I have a 5 pc Crystal Beats kit and an 8 pc Pearl Masters MMX kit with gold hardware, so it is safe to say I am a Pearl fan. I am remodeling my office at home, and want to do something unique. I saw a post recently where a lady took her husbands drumset that he was no longer using and made a 4 pc set of lights out of them in their media room.

Here is the link: https://household-tips.thefuntimesgu...osed-drum-set/

I thought it was a neat idea, but I don't want to sacrifice a kit for it, and I really only want to do one or two pieces above my desk. So I am looking for one or two Crystal Beat toms, either clear or frosted (no colors), that someone no longer has a use for. If anyone has anything laying around they need to get rid of for whatever reason, I am more than willing to negotiate a fair deal plus shipping. Thanks!