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    Default Snarewires Freefloater gen 1 and 2 Pearl SN-25 VS puresound?

    Hello again! I have a Freefloater brass 6,5 and bought the original looong mat Pearl SN-25, wich i think was an omprovment against the former standard mat..These original mat costs around 15 USD or 15 Euros and have 20 strands.... I cant help looking tempted at Puresounds alternativ to this, a 16 stranded mat, but nearly 3-4 times more expencive.. Anyone here who have tried both models? Does the Puresound do the Freefloater any better than Pearls original mat? Best regards...

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    I have a 2015 FF 14x6.5 Phosphor Bronze & a Maple Shell and I put puresound Custom 20 Wires on they are awesome! I do like them better than the Pearl stock FF Wires and any ultrasound Wires pearl offers. They are definitely worth the price.
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