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    Default Need Info on Vintage Pearl Bass Drum Pedals

    I have 3 Pearl Bass Drum Pedals and one of them(810) is my go to even though I have tried all the latest and greatest.

    I know that one is the 810 model was probably dates back to the mid 70's. There is another with a wider footboard which I believe is the 910.

    I assume that came after the 810 and was their professional model at that point in time.

    The 3d pedal has a rotary cam and I cannot place it time-wise.

    The 810 has a heavier cross bar and is my favorite. The 910 has a wider footboard and similar mechanism

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I'm not sure what gives me greater pause: that these pedals appear to stick to the ceiling or that it is upholstered with carpet.


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