Have just received my new Masters kit (Maple Gum) ... my first kit with Optimounts (Aluminium).

My normal approach to tuning relies a lot on the feel/resistance of the tuning rod.... yes I know the purists will argue (correctly) that turning by ear is more reliable but to be honest I have always struggled as the overtones can make it hard to hear relative pitch relationships. Conversely with a smooth lug I can get pretty close tuning by feel.

So the problem I am having with my new kit is that on any given head, at the lugs where the Optimount is attached there is a LOT more resistance in the tension rod presumably caused by friction against the rubber grommet/washer that holds the Optimount on the lug? This throws out my traditional tuning approach. I struggled a lot last night just getting one tom in tune.

Is this pretty normal with the Optimount? Is there any way to lessen that feeling of resistance in those lugs or is this just a "feature" of the Optimount I'll just have to live with and get used to?