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    Default Am I going crazy????

    I'm sellling two Pearl bass pedals for what I thought is a great price but I feel as if people are lowballing me. Did I set my expectations to high?

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    The P932 I'm selling for $160 which considering the condition of the pedal I thought would be a steal...

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    The P3000D Single direct drive bass pedal I priced at $200 since I have all original paperwork, case, key, and original box the pedal came in. But it just seems like people think I'm ripping them off...

    I even posted my Gretsch 7 piece Catalina Maple kit (no hardware but brand 2 sets of new heads) and 6 Meinl HCS 14in hi-hat, 16in crash, 18in crash, 20in ride, 16in China, and a 10in splash. Both floor toms have pearls rubber air suspension feet for better resonance. The heads all have Evans EC2 and EC reso. The bass drum has the Aquarian Super Kick 2, and I'm giving 5 brand new Evans G2 Coated drum heads that have never came out the box except for pictures. I also swapped the snare wires to Tama's 20 strand hi-carbon snares and a Remo reverse controlled dot batter and the stock Remo Gretsch snare side clear head. Cymbals, heads, and a brand new looking 7 piece Maple kit is priced at $1000. I put way more money into this kit and if it were just the kit id probably sell it for $750 as it has no scuff marks or scratches. Anyone have any advice on what I might be doing wrong?

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    Your not crazy but you might be high on the kit price but not the pedals.I know it can be frustrating but the reality is it’s only worth what people are willing to pay. To be honest I’m not a very patient person but patience is key. Of course luck is even a bigger part. Maybe check out Guitar Center (used gear ) Or to get a Idea what to sell it at . Both companies base their prices off of eBay and Reverb. Maybe sell cymbals separate.

    I have had good luck recently selling two Pearl Masters kits one 5pc for $750.00 and a 4 pc last Friday for $599.00. Both kits were almost 20 years old . Sure they were worth more but most people couldn’t care less because they are looking for bargains. Try not to take it personal it just makes the experience worse. Hang in there the right buyer is out there somewhere. Good luck.
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    You'll move the kit and the cymbals quicker if you break them up into a shell pack and individual cymbals. You're likely to make more this way too, though it is a little bit more effort on your part (I know nothing of Gretsch or Meinl resale value, so YMMV).

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    It's a buyers market. Your stuff is only worth whatever someone will pay for it. Be flexible on pricing and consider piecing the kit out, cymbals separate from shells, etc
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