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    Default Advice on how to grow a drum/music youtube channel

    Hey y'all, it's been a while since I've been here. I wanted to ask the advice of any experienced drummers/youtubers, how do you get a start with putting up content online and actually getting some views? I recently graduated college and I'm trying to get some students/gigs, so I made a website, and then I needed some content for the site, so I uploaded some concert footage to my youtube channel. I feel like it's decent footage of me playing, and the sound quality is fine, I just don't know how to actually get this to people.

    If this is in the wrong section I apologize, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Anyways, all the best!

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    Greetings DGR Drummer!
    As far as I understand, if you're looking to "grow" the channel and get more exposure, there's a few ways to do it. Essentially you want to promote yourself as you would a brand - which means not just playing and uploading, but adding some business sense to the process. First and foremost, make sure that the content/material you're producing is quality stuff. It's unlikely that people will pay attention if they think you're putting out a bad product. Make sure that what your creating represents your brand in the best light.

    Obviously you need to network with people online - that means getting onto the major social media platforms and taking the time to link everything together. You'll probably need to invest in a few services that will help promote you, as well. A small example is opening an artist page on Facebook, and to putting some $$$ into an option that will get Facebook to promote your page based on your likes, location, demographic, etc. The reach of that depends on how much $$$ you put into it. YouTube also has features like this that will teach you how to do these things, and how to best utilize the site for what you're trying to achieve. Take the time to learn as much as you can and put it into practice.

    There's also social media managing software that lets you track your exposure and traction across multiple platforms. Some - if not most - of these services can also be used to post things on your behalf according to your preferences. It can help to lighten your load instead of needing to go to each of your social media pages individually to upload content. (Unless that's what you want to do, of course). A good friend of mine, who's an established photographer, uses [URL=""HOOTSUITE[/URL]. Be sure your do your own research into what social media can do for you, and how best to utilize it.

    In any case, you'll need to do some "legwork" online and spend some cash to get where you're going. Bearing that in mind, there's always the option of networking on a practical level. Making some business cards, some sample CD's or DVDs and other promotional material, then going out to shows, venues or businesses and handing them out. Attend music conferences or seminars and connect with people face to face.

    Lastly, remember that in the world of online media and entertainment, there's no sure-fire guarantee that things will take. You might need to work on it for weeks, months, or years before you gain traction.

    Best of luck!


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