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    Default Need help deciding!

    So here's the deal. I have a Masters MCX kit now that I absolutely love, and it wasn't cheap to piece it all together after ordering the matching snare and floor tom. I made an offer on a reference kit someone is selling locally, and I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. Should I let go my masters and move up to the reference? It would be an even swap pretty much. I can unload mine for the price he wants. He didn't know much about them other than its a 20 ply snare and he custom ordered it a few years back but didn't like drums apparently. I kit now, but this is probably a one shot deal to get a higher end kit as it would normally be way too expensive. Finish is midnight fade. What do you guys think? I know very little about reference kits. Here's a pic of my current setup, and 2 pics of the reference. I would get everything in the pictures, cymbals and all.
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