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    Smile Gave up on Octaplus & went with vtg. Slingerland instead

    I posted here a while ago looking for some advice about possibly building up a custom stainless steel Octaplus style kit, but it just has not been working out. The FEW parts I could find that even came close to what I wanted, all cost an insane fortune and/or were pitted/cracked/dented/smithereens.

    I ended up finally just canning the idea and going with Idea B which is to build up a vintage Slingerland kit! I am going to be getting the 2x26 big ole kicks first, then adding in each tom and the snare, and might even try to grab some Tempo Kings for its pedals.

    One little extra non-Slingerland treat that I might throw in if Reverb or Craigslist bring me luck with it, is that pair of 80s octobans I wanted to try!

    I think this is gonna be great & will give me plenty of fire and thunder. Maybe a steel kit just wasn't meant to big deal, this could end up even better. As long as it's vintage, monster sized and goes bang, I am a happy camper.
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    Great idea. Please keep us posted.
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    Absolutely! Sounds like a great idea, plz keep us informed. Would love to see it.
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