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  1. Rogue Ex-Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMadMadDrummer View Post
    You Dont Make Money Playing in a Band !!!! Thats how she goes !!!! Unless you and your band play like Judas Priest from 1988, and are more entertaining !!!! You can make money off Merchandise like t-shirts, thats a good money maker. It's all about your PRODUCT !!! That's what your band is, it produces a Product and it has to be really good!!!
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  2. Miles Gibbons

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    Whether your band makes no money, some money, or a lot of money, everyone needs to be on the same page about where the finances both come from and go to. In some bands, some people make more money or spend more money than other people - that's ok, as long as everyone agrees.

    It sounds like you should stop playing with this band, unless the singer wants to foot the bill for the shows that you don't want to play. Or maybe he can use a different drummer for the tribute shows, that's willing to play for free. Just be honest.

  3. Dalmi Joedi - Jedi

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    Iím not sure of your age and experience so what you will put up with I may not. I do know that when on tour you are playing for 1 hour and hanging out/dealing with each other for 23 hours a day. Granted the 1 hour of playing is extremely important, but if I donít like the people, itís only a matter of time before I quit regardless of how much I like the music and what Iím paid, especially at the van level.

    All of that said, we as drummers need to know our place. All things being equal, unless we are songwriting within the band, we are replaceable. Outside of a few drummers such as Tommy Lee, the singer and/or the songwriter are who 99% of people are there to see. Check your ego or youíre going to find playing music with others to continue to be very difficult.


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