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    This is the finish of my kit. Unfortunately it hasn't been out of it's cases in 3 years. It's a big old rock kit - It has a 13,14, 15, and 16" rack toms, an 18" floor tom a 22" bass (I will have to double check those dimensions). Unfortunately it has a Morgan Rose signature series 14" steel snare instead of the original. It's just too damn big for anywhere and now that I'm getting older (OK - I am older) It's just too much. These are the Session Studio 6 ply birch silver badge drums. I believe these were the first series of the Session Studio (Pearl - correct me if I'm wrong please). I've never seen another it the natural blue double fade (light in the middle with the grain showing through but darker to both the top and bottom). I've only seen ones in any photos or factory brochures have faded from light to dark from top to bottom - not dark on both edges.
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    Sweet Blue Burst. More pictures please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by therocker View Post
    For $600 I'd consider selling all my kits and buy 2 of these brand new and building a double bass kit. Shame there's not two configurations to choose from.

    If they offered a 14" floor tom and 10" 12" toms and a 16" FT with 12"&13" toms. That would be awesome.
    The STS925XSP/C shell pack consists of:
    22x16 | 10x7 | 12x8 | 16x16F | Free 14x14F (option)

    Then all you'd have to buy is a 13x9 and 22x16

    KISS uses Gibson Guitars and PEARL Drums because They Want The Best!


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    Quote Originally Posted by AL PERCIVAL View Post
    The STS925XSP/C shell pack consists of: 22x16 | 10x7 | 12x8 | 16x16F | Free 14x14F (option) Then all you'd have to buy is a 13x9 and 22x16
    Thanks, Al. I was just looking at some Session Studio Select kit configurations the other day.

    I spotted one with the 16" FT with free 18" FT. Enticing!

    Awaiting shoulder surgery and then it will be time to evaluate my needs.

    Hoping to heal quickly and play again. But each surgeon that agrees to the surgery looks at the MRI and then declines.

    I have spaghetti for ligaments!


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