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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy_D View Post
    The Manhattan Jazz hats are devine. They are super mellow and have such a soft feel to them. Really, really nice set of hats. Probably not the best for blues, but for jazz and singer/songwriter stuff they are great. The K hats may be a bit more universal though. Never played the K's you asked about, but I have played the Manhattans and I was floored with how good they were.
    Sounds good...devine...super mellow...soft feel..really nice. I have an 18'' HHx Manhattan Jazz (2nd) Ride cymbal and it's also very mellow. Thanks for the input.

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    cool to see another montrealer over this forum. like most pointed out,the manhattan hats are your best option.they will blend in style with your
    drums, and with the music style you're into for sure.

    i'm wondering what are the venues you're playing at ,given you play lite jazz and blues....downtown ? fortifications? hotel nelson? bistro a jojo? quai des brumes?

    you might want to hit '''guitar plus-drum bazzar'''...they have a quite complete selection of second hand cymbs and drums too....
    tama SC B/B anthique sunburst 14-10-8-10-12--16-22 - reference snare 14x5-pearl ultracast 14X5- pearl FF brass 14X5-tama hardware/pedals
    sabian HHX's/AAX's

    WTB:AAX -HHX-SR2's large crashes


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