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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksticks View Post
    “first revision” ??? How about first version? Just busting ya. Nice drums and cymbals. If you happen to need a complete set of cymbals and are happy with what comes in the set, the packs are the way to go. I bought a pack of the K Custom Dark in December.
    sorry i thought they made revisions in future releases. is my set a first gen do you know?
    Pearl Vision Concord Fade fusion 10, 12, 14, toms 20 kick 14 snare. Paiste PST7 cymbals 16x2,18, crashes, 20 ride, 14 hi-hats

    Pearl Decade Black Ice 10, 12, 16, toms 22 kick 14 snare Zildjian A Series cymbals 16,17,18,20 crashes, 21 Sweet Ride, 14 New Beat hi-hats

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    Quote Originally Posted by broken_sticks84 View Post
    i was able to dig this picture out from my past when i was in the recording studio. my kit of choice was a Pearl Export EXR in Strata White. if anyone is interested, you can search Youtube for the songs Fallen Heroes Dark Room, Open your Eyes, Rock and Roll America. also can find some covers i did on an electric kit.

    im not sure if im allowed to post that here
    Export series drums were in my humble opinion the best entry/intermediate drums for their price range and the best sounding when tuned right with 2ply heads. I just got a NOS Vision VSX in Strata Black for under $600 a 4pc shell pack 22,12,13,16
    Drum sets -
    Pearl Forum Series Red Sparkle - 22x16 kick,13x9 tom,16x16 floor tom
    Roland TD-25KV Electric Drum Set w/ Mesh Heads

    Snares -
    1976 14x6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic LM402
    14x6.5 Pearl Reference Series Brass


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