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    Lipstick on a pig and all that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumming-4-Life View Post
    You asked for opinions, so here's my 2 cents. I wouldn't put more money into a Pearl Decade Maple kit, for a couple reasons. I've been down that road in the past... trying to upgrade drums via hardware upgrades. The problem is, it's a waste of money. Drum hardware parts tend to be very expensive. You could invest the money in better drums, and sell yours on eBay or CL. The other reason I wouldn't go down this upgrade road is, the Pearl Optimount (regular or aluminum) is not going to achieve all of this enhanced resonance you're hoping to hear. You might get a little extra, after tinkering with how they attach to the drums, but it won't be a dramatic improvement your likely dreaming of. I'd consider finding other drums that resonate more; they are worth saving and shopping for.

    When I occasionally make a custom kit using wood shells from a lesser series, I always keep the hardware in line with the series.

    For example, I recently put together a custom "Martini" kit (with 14" bass drum) using Pearl Masters Maple Complete shells. They come with Masters hardware (CL) and standard Optimounts. I was tempted to use the better Reference Pure hardware (and an aluminum Optimount), but it is not worth the investment (especially the STL- bass drum lugs) since the value of the kit would ultimately be determined by the series (and I would end up changing the hardware back to Masters if I sold it anyway).

    One exception would be snare drums (depending on the badge) where it is more common to use different hardware with the same type of shell and finish. Another exception would be a drum kit with metal shells.

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    A majority of the drum shells’ resonance comes from heads, hoops, and tuning. I think the optilocks are just fine for your kit. I would spend the cash on some 2.3 hoops.


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