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    Default Middle finger fulcrum

    Any one here using their middle finger as the fulcrum point, instead of their index finger? if so, where exactly on your middle finger do you hold the stick?

    I've come to the conclusion that my hand technique is a limiting factor and I'm going back to basics. I'm holding the stick quite tight in my index finger/thumb, with little to no gap between thumb and hand and my doubles are created by pressing the stick into the head which kills rebound. Time to change. I want a relaxed grip that leverages rebound and get the little fingers working.

    I've heard some good drummers say that they changed from index to middle finger for the fulcrum and this has proved extremely beneficial. I'd love to hear your views if you've been through this process, or are struggling with hand technique.
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    I use a hybrid fulcrum that is between my first and middle fingers. For general playing I tend towards the middle finger and then can tighten the first finger to dig in. The biggest thing is how loose my sticks are. They're literally flopping around in my hand with my fingers guiding them more than holding them.

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    Disregard the lame drummer face and look at my left hand. You can see that my first finger us barely touching the stick and my fulcrum is more towards my middle finger.
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    I struggle to do it regularly as my technique is garbage... but it was my understanding that Ehrin is correct. Forefinger should be loose and the middle finger should be the fulcrum on traditional grip.

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    no....well,not exactly no lol...sometimes, when i play a lite-quiet passage, i may release the pressure coming off the pivot point ,which is the index first joint ,just slightly,it means i spread the point of contact between my index and middle...

    .but for normal playing -hard parts,i can't see how a loose index (replacing the index first joint by the middle finger first joint ) could work.what would you do with the index's goin to kind of rub freely,or worst ,rest on the stick , then interfering with the motion-pivot action of the stick provided by THE good grip-fulcrum ??!!. this don't work for me (it's just me ), as the normal pivot point ( index finger first joint ) works perfectly for me,providing effortless speed and clean controlled rolls. if it isn't broken why fixing it lol...
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