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    Default Practice Space Sound Level Reduction

    Ladies and Gents,

    Warning long winded post....

    I have a 14 foot by 11 foot basement room that is my practice space. It sits 6 feet below grade in my basement, meaning to say 2.5 feet of it are above ground. 2 of the 4 walls are outside walls while the other two walls are obviously inside walls. There is a 32 inch hollow core door as the entrance door. This was once considered a bedroom although technically it is not a bedroom because there is no closet. All of the walls are Gyproc. The ceiling has been removed and exposed the floor above and all the associated joist spaces etc.

    I am looking to add some sound dampening materials to this space. I have had a couple of ideas that I want to put in front of you all to determine what you think would be the best course of action.
    First off I am going to insulate the ceiling with a couple of layers of ROXUL Safe and Sound or Pink Fiberglass, which product do you think would be best? I have enough joist space I would put three layers of 3" thick insulation. To complete the Ceiling I plan to install a suspended ceiling with 1" thick ceiling tiles that are a thin plastic layer with 1" of fiberglass insulation as their backing in a 2 foot by 2 foot grid. I each corner I plan to install full height 16" wide bass traps. fabric covered insulation cut in a triangular shape meant to sit in each corner.

    Now onto the walls:

    Option 1: Leave the existing walls in place and build a 2" X 4" wall around the inside perimeter of the two inside walls ( I am not worried about blocking the sound on the outside walls as they are mostly below grade and those walls are already insulated). Install 3" ROXUL Safe and Sound or Pink Fiberglass and then cover those walls in acoustically transparent fabric. this would give me floor to ceiling fabric on the walls and lots of sound absorption from the insulation. Materials required here would be 2 X 4's, sill plate gasket material as I am resting wood concrete floors, screws nails etc. to build the walls. I would also have to cut back the existing carpet and move the electrical outlets in the walls to the front edge of the new walls.

    Option 2: Build acoustic sound panels 3" thick the full height of the wall and fill each panel with ROXUL Safe and Sound or Pink Fiberglass. Each panel would be approximately 16 3/4" wide by the same height as the walls and would be covered in the same acoustically transparent fabric as option 1. Essentially these panels would cover the entire wall space, the same as option 1, however they would be hung on the walls and removable if I should ever decide to sell the house. Given my method of hanging them on the wall there would be a 1/2" air gap between the back of the panel and the existing wall. Materials required for this would be plywood or MDF for the acoustic sound panels, some form of hangers for each panel. I would have to notch around electrical outlet and wall switches and figure out some way to get the door to clear the panels when opened.

    I will be replacing the entrance door with a solid core door and then wrapping the back of the door with 3" ROXUL Safe and Sound or Pink Fiberglass and covering the door in the same fabric as the walls or the panels.

    I welcome any other ideas on this. Although I don't really have a budget, I would like to keep the cost down as low as possible. Feedback and ideas are most welcome.

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    Option 1 to me seems simpler, easier and cheaper.

    If its just sound reduction within the practice space, rather than trying to keep sound from getting outside, then I think I'd go for a cheap & simple solution. You can always add sound absorbing materials like curtains (you call them drapes I think), you can also get acoustic foam sheets to attach to the walls too...these should be quite effective and simple to install.

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