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  1. Cymbalminded fool.

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    +1 for the Oktava mics. They are fantastic for the money, not electret but true condensers, and you can swap the capsules for different pick up patterns and even a large diaphragm. Incredibly versatile mics, and they sound great.

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    Another +1 for the Oktavas (MK012)! I own a pair of C414B-ULS and I prefer the Oktavas as overheads. I made a comparison, Ill post the link later...

    Edit: http://

    Its in german Language but youll get the idea. The solution which recording is which mic is in post #19.

  3. Not Your Everyday Drummer

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    Good afternoon,
    With that budget Im sure you could some pretty good quality mics. If youre looking to spend just about that full amount, then go with two Lewitt 240 PRO mics. However, if youre looking to save, then Id suggest the Behringer C2s or Samson CO2s. (Links to all these below.)

    Remember that your recording quality will largely be affected by your room and how its treated. I use the same mics you do, plus a few more inexpensive ones. Due to my budget, I have the Behringers as overheads. While theyre cheap mics, Ive gotten good results because Ive also worked to control the sounds in the space Im in. (**Side note: Im living in Upstate NY too - Rochester!**) With the money you have, Id suggest at least investing in a few moving blankets. These, placed in the right way, will help clean up your room and make it suitable for recording, even with inexpensive mics.

    Lastly, please be aware that no amount of gear will change or improve the performance of the player. Take the time to learn your parts well, and make sure whats going into the mics is top notch.

    Lewitt LCT-240-PRO Compact Condenser Microphone, Black (AMS-LCT-240-PRO-BLK

    Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones, Matched Pair

    Samson C02 Instrument Condenser Microphones


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