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    Quote Originally Posted by DrumPlayerFTW View Post
    My only Snare I currently have in my possession is my 14x6.5 Pearl Sensitone Premium Beaded Brass with Diecast Hoops and Spin Tight Tension Rods on Batter Top
    Great snare! I have both sizes and they are my favorites
    2018 Masterworks / ES Comet Sparkle

    18x20 KD, 14x16 FT, 12x14 FT, 10x12 TT, 8x10 TT, 5x13 SD

    2017 Masterworks Cocktail Kit / ES Comet Sparkle

    16x16 KD (verticle), 4x10 SD, 6x8 TT, 5x12 TT

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicMan View Post
    Great snare! I have both sizes and they are my favorites
    Thanks MusicMan, I love the Sensitone Premium Beaded Brass, it Mics up very nicely! Though my prize I wish to own still hasn’t happen. I’m looking for a used good condition Pearl 14x6.5 3mm Rolled Reference Series Brass Snare
    Drum sets -
    Pearl Vision VSX Strata Black - 22x18 kick, 12x9 tom, 13x10 tom, 16x16 floor tom

    Electronics - Shure Mics, Presonus Audio, M-Audio

    Wanted to buy - 14x6.5 Reference series brass snare


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