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    Default Need help... 8in tom rims no longer fit...

    I had did all the prepping, priming, painting, and before clear coating i decided not to go forward. I had put my lugs on all my drums after cleaning them with soda and aluminium foil. So then began the process of removing the layers of paint and primer.. somehow in the process one rim is slightly off. But due to the hoop being so small it makes a huge difference. I went to put my ec2 on and i noticed one of my tension rods was facing somewhat inward. When i went to put the bottom head on it was a disaster. The head "popped" into the hoop which then wouldnt come out. So i tried to mount the rim with the reso head in it (evans ec reso) and all of my tension rods were so off set that i would of ended up bending them outward to get past the lip of the hoop. I carefully pulled on the metal part of the head to get it out of the hoop. One 8in hoop i had just ordered from drum factory and before i went and prepped, painted i made sure it fit (using the original head) which it fit perfectly. But now when i put the head on and put the hoop on, the head almost pops in place and is hard to get out and theres only 4 lugs. But when i put my tension rods in the hoop and try to finger tighten they immediately give resistance and start pulling the tension rod top towards the center of the tom. I should have taken a picture of it but has anyone else experienced something like this?

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    I took pictures of each lug to show you how some are easy but still look wrong while others... well it could fit but id have to put more force than i feel is necessary for such a task.. let me throw some info at you before you start with question...

    * I used a white Krylon primer & paint base spray can.
    * I made it up to 3 coats before stopping
    * I used 180 grit sand paper on the hoops to remove the paint.
    * Yes i did understand my chrome hoops would be scratched
    * the hoops were inside mostly. Except when working on them.
    * I used Goo Gone, Coca-Cola and aluminum foil to help remove the
    white paint, and I also used a plastic and metal scrapper. After doingall of the above i went back to using 180 grit sand paper.
    * I made sure that on both top and bottom hoops I removed all paint from the bottom of the hoop and top of the hoop where my tension rods would go.

    I do plan on buy 2 more chrome hoops from dfd as they are onlu 9.99. However I've been working on this drum kit for awhile. Ive re-wrapped it. Filled the bass drum holes where the 1" diameter tom pipe went into. Along with 4 screw holes, the drums are now black wood. Oh and I did manage to paint all of my air vents white. I also had to make the air vents a little bigger which was no problem. I finished the 16", 13", 12", and 10" toms.... mounting both top and bottom heads. Even did my 22in bass but none of my other toms did this.. has anyone experienced something like this before? I will note i didnt paint any of hoops but the 8in..

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    is this a head issue, a hoop issue, or a lug/tension rod issue? How thick is your drum wrap? Your dilemma makes sense as you have added diameter to the shell making it larger by adding the wrap...the hoops would not change size. Does your wrap continue right to the bearing edge or is it cut back a 1/4 of an inch like most wrap companies suggest? have you tried putting the head on all the way? There is not a whole lot you can do other than cut the covering around each lug and put the lug back on the wooden shell as compared to over the wrap. is it significant enough to change the function of the lugs and tension rods and heads? I do know that some heads fit differently than the older ones. Maybe try a Remo head versus an Evans head and see what happens.
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    Evans heads are SUPER exacting. Try a remo.
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