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    Default Set Ups/configurations

    Iím a little bored, so I thought Iíd bring up a topic for discussion. Itís probably been asked, but I couldnít find a post through search. How many configurations have you gone through to find the ideal set-up for you? How often do you tweak your kit?

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    Iíve never changed configurations. Iíve been a one-up-two-down guy since I got my own kit in 2004. Iíve only ever had two crashes and have always kept my ride over the kick. The only thing that ever changes is if I decide not to use my second floor tom.
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    I love messing with my kit... Sizes, pieces, orientation, brands, series, stands, rack... I'll probably change my set-up in some significant way 2-3 times a year on average.
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    I've been through so many over the years...
    I started out with the "traditional" five piece with 12" and 13" toms mounted on the kick since that's what was set up for me by the store (and it was a cheap beginner's set with no other options), then when I got my second kit I was able to do the rack toms mounted on a stand. Then I got an extra 14" rack and 18" floor and experimented with the full seven piece, then got more piecemeal drums and basically had a 70's era Peter Criss style kit, then moved back down to two up and one down or one up and two down, then settled on a single 13" or 14" rack and one floor tom for years. Then I got my Gretsch Catalina Club kit with 12", 14" and 18" kick and used that for a number of years. Now that I've got my Decade maple (10", 12", 14" and 20"), I'll flip between a four piece or the full five (with 10" mounted directly in front of the snare and 12" centered over the kick). Eventually I'd love to get a 16" floor and add it to the setup. As it stands now, I'm loving those two options.

    As for cymbals, I've always been happiest with three or four crashes, and there were plenty of times where I had one or two Chinas set up at home. For gigging, I'll have either two or three crashes depending on the stage, and an extra x-hat if I'm feeling frisky.

    This is what I'm happiest with now, provided I have the room for it:
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    Please excuse the poor lighting.
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    My main go to gigging kit:
    Name:  34748216_2017931125123935_2033680951824875520_n.jpg
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    The setup I use for jazz trio gigs in tight spaces (No 2nd crash, and 18" ride):
    Name:  25659933_1940144586235923_2376640831185967740_n.jpg
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    My kit at home, that I record with, including my percussion rig (Stays in my studio):
    Name:  39261443_2084760211774359_7692403318965927936_n.jpg
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    And finally, the general setup I use in other studios (House kit, just took my own cymbals + snare):
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    I've gone thru so many... and I doubt i will ever settle on a setup, since every year or 2 or 3 I change it because i want to try something else.
    But to give an impression:

    Started with 3 up, 1 down with my Pearl Export
    Had 2 up, 2 down: even with tom on the left and floor tom on the right
    Osan kit i had after that started with 2 up, 1 down, but after adding 8" tom always 3 up 1 down

    Pearl VBA
    2 up 2 down most of the time, but also 2 up and 1 down (left out the 14"), 1 up and 2 down. And sometimes i moved the 14" to the left next to my hats
    Mainly with toms off-set on a stand, but more recently with the toms over the bass drum again (with stands but more recently with rack again).

    Pearl BCX
    3 up 1 down, but when i got my 14" FT i went 3 up, 2 down. Also 2 up, 2 down; 8/10/14/ 16 or 10/12/14/16. Also done 2 up, 3 down; 8 and 10 up front, 12 next to the hats as floor tom and the 14 and 16 on the 'regular' positions. Toms mostly in offset position, but last couple of months toms over the bass.
    This kit will move to the practice space and again will be using 3 up/2 down annnnnnddddd... 2 bassdrums
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    I have gone through too many setups over the years that there would be way too much text. Let’s just say I started with next to nothing to having 5 - 6 piece kit in my teens to using whatever 4-5 piece kit the gig called for using various sizes, configurations, and materials.

    Here’s a few I’ve been using lately:

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    When I had one kit, I was frequently adding drums and cymbals to obtain the massive setup I'd always dreamed about as a kid. At one point I had two rows of toms like Keith Moon.

    Each kit I've added to my arsenal since then has a slightly different number or size of drums. So when I wanna play a different setup, I don't change my kit. I just setup one of the other ones. I don't have a S4D barn where I can have them all setup at once!

    I suppose I'm most comfortable on a 2x2x2 setup. But strangely, that's rarely a configuration I get to play.

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    I played a five-piece kit (two up and one down) from the 70s to the mid 80s. Then I played in my first blues band and went four-piece. I have been a four-piece kit guy since then. I also mostly use hats, a ride, and two crashes, four cymbals and four drums. Peace and goodwill.
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    Name:  Screenshot_20181211-105740_Gallery.jpg
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    My kit in it's current state. Nothing fancy (yet, work in progress)
    It was a Mapex V Series (low level, beginner level) I haven't played in 15 years so I figured I'd start on something cheap. For $190 I got what was suppose to be a 16" crash.. looked like a warped piece of tin... got an old Mapex bass pedal... probably actually came with theset. The shells are basswood, however I dont like toms mounted to my bass drum so I took the wrap off all the tom shells and bass shell. Left the snare alone because it sounded beautiful. The whole kit had this awesome pitch... the 8" through 13" rack toms sounded finely tuned. Except the 8" didnt come with a bottom hoop or tension rods. I had to fix my wooden drum hoops with JB Weld putty wood filler. I'll sand it along with other dents due to lack of gaskets which I'm also making by hand. I'll post here again once it's done.

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    I use a few different configs at the moment. Always loved big kits. I find it is easier to have different setups, already setup, instead of changing one. It also keeps things fresh when you can play different setups all the time.

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    I rotate my setup every few months it seems.......can't seem to find the right thing. Been that way for 14 years now.

    Maybe I just like variety.


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