I've searched the Pearl website, this forum and others but haven't found a list of Mimic compatible pads. It's not in the manual nor is there an Appendix to the manual that shows what pads are in the Mimic's pad selection menu. That's a problem. There's a guy selling a Drum-tec 14" snare on Reverb.com right now because the drum 100% compatible with Roland but won't work with the Mimic. So he ordered and waited for a shipment from Germany to arrive only to find out it won't work.

Pearl, we get it the list is ever changing so it's never current more than a day. However, not having a list and saying "compatible with most pads" isn't getting it done. At a minimum, print the pad assignment menu from the Mimic and put a PDF up on your website.

Anybody seen a list like this so I'm not buying stuff that is incompatible?

Thanks for any help.